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Our First Story!

This has been a long time coming, but our first story has been collected and come to fruition thanks to the help of the extremely talented Alyssa Morgo. This piece captured the story of one Jon Doe who grew up in a normal, stable home life until a national tragedy struck. The death of sitting president JFK gave his mother much anxiety which during that time was heavily frowned upon. Her anxiety sparked his father to leave them. This was all happening during the time of Jon's senior year of high school. Not much long after his fathers departure from the family his father committed suicide. This furthered the grief and stress being placed upon Jon. Homelessness became a reality for Jon after failing his first semester of college. Without support systems in place to help Jon overcome the grief, stress, and anxiety that was placed upon him in the short time span of a year Jon continued to spiral and to struggle. After years of homelessness and struggles Jon found counsel in a substance abuse therapy group. He got a job and began to create and develop new relationships. After the meetings Jon would go out to breakfast with a few members of this group. When telling me about these small moments his eyes lit up, clearly the simplicity of a nice breakfast with caring people was extremely impactful and helpful to Jon. All people can relate to the beauty in something small such as a diner coffee with those we care about.

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